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Time to Shine!

Time to Shine!

Lynn_Fall_2012_smallerBecoming a Hair Color Specialist is not a title that happens overnight.  It takes years of experience, a lot of education, some tears, much practice, and many successes.

I, Lynn Williams, am a Hair Color Specialist, and it took a lot of hard work to get here.  I strive to “Shine” at what I do.  I love Hair Color.  I always have.  For the past 16 years, I have been coloring hair.  Really beautiful hair.   If you are looking for an edgy color, greens, blues, purples, I am not your girl.  If you are looking for the hair that you had when you were 16 and at the beach all summer, (you remember, when you didn’t have to color your hair), than I am most certainly your girl.  The blonder the better……. there can never be too many foils……Fresh highlights should look like fresh highlights, not an inch out from the scalp.  (You blondes know what I’m talking about!)   These are my mottos when it comes to blonding.   I could, and will do highlights all day long.  I don’t get sick of it (clients do ask that), I love the detailing, the neatness and the change that comes with a fresh head of Highlights.  Honestly, I could talk about the effect of a really good highlight on ones’ ego, but if you have sat in my chair, you already know.   And I know you know, because I can tell by the smile on your face and the bounce in your step when you leave.  That makes my day, and makes me love what I do!

One of the most common reasons one chooses to color their hair, is to cover those pesky grey hairs.  No one likes to look older that what they are, so by simply coloring your hair, I can make you look younger.  I like to keep it pretty, and natural, an enhanced version of yourself.

Again, I really love to color hair.  All colors.  Reds, Brunettes, Blondes, and all shades in-between.   Come in to see me and we will do a thorough analysis of your needs, and determine what is going to make your hair color “Shine”.

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